Lavender Essence Oil (4 Oz.)


Homemade Lavender Essence Oil. High quality organic jojoba oil is used for carrier oil and lavender buds are infused. Store in a dry, cool, dark place. Average shelf life is 1-2 years. You can store it in a refrigerator to extend its shelf life.

Uses of Lavender Essence Oil:

- Healing facial moisturizer. You'll only need a few drops to spread evenly across your skin and lightly massage in.

- Part of oil cleansing method. Lather up your face with lavender oil and massage it in for 30 seconds to a minute. Heat up a clean wash cloth with hot water and steam your face for 30 seconds. Wipe away the excess oil with a moist towel.

- Other direct topical applications. You can use it to your body as a moisturizer or to the areas that need soothing attention such as bug bites, sunburns, eczema, stings, rashes, scars, and more.

- An ingredient to other skin care products. When you make any homemade skin care products, you can use this oil.

- Hair conditioner, hair moisturizer, potentially hair thickener. When you need an occasional deep moisturizing hair treatment, you can use this oil. A study showed that lavender can actually help stimulate hair growth! Apply an even coat of oil to your hair and massage it into your scalp and allow it to sit for 15 minutes to an hour. Then shampoo as usual to wash away the oil.

- Makeup remover. Oil naturally draws out impurities, while the lavender soothes redness, inflammation, and targets acne. Please avoid contact with sensitive areas around your eyes.

- Part of marinade or savory recipe.

- Gift! This will be an awesome gift for your loving ones!